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Best Cat Breeds For House

Cats are always been the best companions of humans, after dogs. There are various different breeds of cats that are suitable for your house; it is just depend what kind of feline companion you like the most. While choosing the cat, it is quite important to consider the breed that fits to you, as an owner. If you are looking for best house cats, here are some options for you. I hope that you will find this useful.
1.Persian Cat

This breed of cats has a number of unique features. With long hair, round face and comparatively a small body, this cat breed is one of the oldest breeds which are known until now. The breed of cats was created after the 2nd world war. This breed is indeed one of the cutest breeds and best suited for homes and for small children.
2.Ragdoll Cat

The most fascinating feature of this breed of cats is its blue eyes. This breed is pretty muscular and stronger as compared to all other breeds. These cats have long hairs and their skin is covered with a beautiful coloured coat. This cat breed was developed by an American Breeder and is renowned for its loving nature. With astonishing temperament, this cat can indeed fit into any environment.

3. American Short Hair Cat


This cat breed is believed to be from the European cat line which was used many decades back by the nomads and traders for the protection of their luggage from mice and other rodents. The present body type of this breed is result of the breeding of this cat with North American cats. This is one of the most energetic breed of cats and it get well along with the dogs.
4.Abyssinian Cat

This breed of cats is a domesticated type and is known as one of the most sociable and friendly cat breed there is to be found. This breed’s origin is quite uncertain, but the cat breeders from all over the world agree that it is an Ethiopian breed. This breed has become popular in the USA and other countries. This cat breed is one of the most suited cats for the small children.

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5.Turkish Angora cat

This cat breed is one of the most ancient cat breeds and it occurs naturally without any intervention of genetic engineering or selective breeding process. This breed originated in the Ankara region in Turkey, therefore, it is known as the Turkish Angora.
6.The Manx cat

This cat breed is known for having a mutated gene and a small tail. Furthermore, some of these cats are even tail-less. This breed of cats is extremely trained hunters and it can take down many other animals. This breed of cats is often preferred by the farmers for protection of crops.

7.The Sand Cat

Also known as Sand Dune Cat, this breed of cats is mostly found in the African as well as Asian deserts. These cats have the ability to withstand extremely hot weather condition and are considered to be one of the most contented cat breeds. These are found in the deserts of Pakistan, Arabia and Iran.


Swati takes pride of being a dog lover. Her current passions include blogging, writing and collecting dog pictures of various breeds. She is an active member of stray dog care society.

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