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Chinese massage for dogs? Taiwan Pet Hotel claims can extend Pets’ Life

Ken Tsai a Taiwanese man is the main behind a first of its kind dog massage that amalgamates veterinary medicine with ancient Chinese techniques. In the year 2009 Ken Tsai travelled to Japan to learn the underlying techniques of pet massage. What began as a successful application upon his two elderly dogs has now reached a Taiwanese Dog Hotel where he pampers and relaxes the resident canines and trains their owners too. With T$3,000 (about Rs.6300) Dog Owners in Taiwan can learn Tsai’s secret in a six hour instructional class.

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Must Watch, Tsai’s Chinese Dog Massage(Full Video), for tips and overwhelming cuteness.

Dog pampering reaches an all new high with dog massage parlors as the next big thing to stay. Fancy haircuts, aromatic dog shampoos and trimmed nails may count as grooming & pampering your dog. But in true sense these services just make the pet more appealing in the eyes of the beholder! The real pampering lies in a stress-relieving massage session specifically designed for those strained muscles and four legs of a dog. Indulge the pet with every rub, kneading and patting to release tension and stimulate circulation in its body. As per Ken, a simple petting and patting moment can be converted into one pleasurable experience for the pooch by understanding concepts such as pressure points and flow of energy within its body. He further believes that such an exercise can add years to your dog’s life.
Image: Doggy Moms

Mister Tsai is also hopeful that more and more dog owners, pet groomers and boarders will come forward to learn the craft and practice effectively on their dogs, eventually leading to good Pet Health and their extended life.



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