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Delicious Cat food that Persian Cats will love! [Homemade Cat Food Tips]

Are you much in love with your pet Persian cat? How do you express this affection and concern towards your feline buddy? Cat Parents across India strive to create a healthy diet because they value these exotic felines for its friendship and all the bonding it shares with you and your family. Persian is a gentle cat breed and mingles well with children and fellow pets etching a space in everyone’s heart.


The answer to what and how much should you feed your Persian cat lies in understanding the level of activity and metabolic rate of the cat. Just like we humans have fixed timings for breakfast, lunch or dinner; it is important to fix a feeding schedule for your pet cat to be followed daily.

When Preparing Homemade Dry Cat food using grains, animal protein such as chicken and veggies, extra care must be taken to avoid overcooking the food else some important nutrients and the flavors will be lost in the process.

Persian cats need additional vitamins (such as Vitamin B for a shiny coat) when compared to other cats, for this reason supplements may be given to your fluffy pal.
A supplement rich diet can include goat milk, salmon oil, pumpkin, Echinacea, probiotics for overall wellbeing and Lysine powder to maintain visual, respiratory & tissue health.


For families who are not able to provide a home cooked diet can consult the veterinarian for a quality brand of Persian cat food. Royal Canin Persian 32 for kittens and Persian 32 for Adult Cats are a good choice and acts as a fairly optimum diet for felines.
Premium Cat Nutrition Brands like Royal Canin, Farmina Mattise Cat Food and Hills Science Plan Feline Health have successfully created a following for their pet food formulas as it tends to cover a good health for cats and promotes good digestion, shining coat and limits ball formation. The design of the dry kibbles too is made to be suitable for a flat and short jaw. For Adult Cats, owner can also try anti age and skin replenishing supplements. Quality foods will help build your Persian’s natural immunity against sickness, physical stress, damaging effects of aging and stress due to unfamiliar external settings.

Follow a pattern termed as food rotation. The system entails introducing a change in diet and avoiding same feed day in and day out. The benefits include the following, optimal nourishment as no particular food can be complete enough to be relied on for life. Food allergies will be kept at bay which can otherwise develop if the cat is fed the same protein for a long time and your cat is less likely to fuss over food as it will be used to different flavors, proteins and grains every day.

It is very essential to bear in mind that human food and table scraps should be never fed randomly to the pet as it may lead to health complications and severe obesity. The right food quantity and quality will keep your cat free of problems related to digestion, diseases such as diabetes, obesity caused due to inactivity and allergies.


Persian Cats require a great deal of mental and physical exercise. You can offer it some interesting toys that will enable stimulation and channelize its energy in a positive rather than destructive way. Plastic drinking straws, wrapping paper or tissues and laser pointers can interest your furry pal greatly.

Cat treats from Whiskas, Jerhigh and Cataholic are good treat supplements for cats can be offered moderately to the cat along with a wholesome daily diet.
As per general recommendations a healthy adult cat must be given 24 to 35 calories each day per pound of body weight. Prepare a diet rich in nutritional value for your furry paw by blending dry, canned or raw food which should always be accompanied with plenty of fresh water available at all times to your feline.

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