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If Feeling Alone And Looking For A Companion, Then Go For The Ragdoll Cat!


We are living in the pet world. Earlier, dogs were used to be your best friend, but now as an addition, the name of Ragdoll cats is added to the list. According to its behavioral aspects these cats are treated as man’s best companion. It’s been a long time when cats are kept at home as pets.



The Ragdolls cats have been originated from the U.S by Ann Baker in the year 1960. At that time the ragdoll cats were found in three distinct colors. But now this number has increased to six. These cats are getting popular because their temperament and their qualities. There are 73 breeds of cats and one of them is the ragdoll cats.

Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats:

  • The eyes of the ragdoll cats are blue in color
  • These cats are large in size
  • They are bulky in weight
  • They are very sweet
  • They are very loyal towards their owner
  • They are generally referred to as “Gentle –Giants”
  • They have been blessed with quiet and loving nature
  • They are very energetic
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Ragdoll cats have unique qualities than any other breed of cats. Due to their loving and caring nature, they can be considered as your best companion. The ragdoll cats will move on with you, keeps on monitoring the things, devoting attention to you and be loyal to you. These are some additional characteristics of a ragdoll cat; they can be easily kept with any dog if already present in your home and many more. Moreover, they sleep with you.


The ragdoll cats generally act like dogs as they do not get frightened in meeting unknown people, they love to be with people.

Now, the time has come up to discuss the personality traits of the ragdoll cats. All their personality traits are explained below:

Personality Traits of Ragdoll Cats

1. Affection:

The ragdoll cats have a very sweet, loving and affectionate nature. They love to be with unknown and unfamiliar people.

2. Attractive:

The ragdoll cats are very attractive in looks and colour. If you see them once you want to see them again. They are very sweet and beautiful.

3. Indoor cats:

These cats love to be at the home due to their quiet and calm nature. These cats are highly indoor cats. But it does not mean that they do not go out. They go out when you take them as they love to be with you.

4. Relax:

Generally everyone wants to play on seeing pets, whether a cat or a dog. These ragdoll cats are loved to be held and handled by you or anyone. They are very energetic and feel very happy and relaxed while playing with anyone due to their playful nature

5. Highly adaptable:

These cats have the capability understanding with other pets easily. They do not fight with them. They remain with them and enjoy like being companions


6. Friendly:

The ragdoll cats are highly friendly with everyone. This friend can be a child, a companion pet dog.

7. Grooming: 
These cats need very less time and patience of you. These cats are not amongst those who require regular cleaning and brushing. These are soft neat and furry cats that are very easy to groom.

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8. Intelligence:

Few breeds of cats are very less intelligent, but the breed of ragdoll cats is very intelligent as they look after the work done by you and takes care.

9. Active:

The ragdoll cats are active enough to play and learn. Even if given vocal training they may call you for breakfast, lunch or dinner in their scratching voice

10. Health:

As far as the health issue is concerned, there is a heart disease inherited in ragdoll cats. This inheritance has led to the risk of stones in the bladder.

11. Size:

The ragdoll cats are very large in size. They are around 10-15 pounds in case of females and 20 or more in case of males.

So, you can say that unlike other breeds of cats ragdoll cats are the most interesting breed. The ragdoll cats are very instinct of preservation. They are best suited example of a loyal, loving and friendly companion for you.


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