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How to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Your Dogs

Encourage Positive Behaviour in Dogs

Photo Credit: Petsolino

Playing with dogs gives us that rejuvenating effect that few activities rarely give us. They help us overcome all the bad feelings as they shower unconditional love on us. Still, we have to be firm with our dogs when they create those little annoying troubles here and there.

One cannot be harsh with those poor creatures because they see the world is entirely different as we humans do. Positive reinforcement is the way to teach good behaviour in them.

In this article, we will see how one can encourage positive behaviour in dogs so that they become well-mannered members of your family. So, let us get started.

Spend Some Time With Your Dog Daily

When you spend quality time with your dogs, they feel calm and completely relaxed. More often than not, people buy dogs and stop spending time with them once they have attained adulthood. It can hamper their mental health as dogs are among those animals who need proper socialization.

Once your dogs feel that their master is very attentive towards them, they will most likely stop all mischiefs they used to do while they were neglected. Spending time with your dogs also helps in releasing your stress as well.

Keep them Stimulated with Games

Mental stimulation is essential for your dog’s growth, especially if they are under a year old. Proper training at puppyhood helps inculcate positive behavior in the dogs pretty quickly. To keep your puppies engaged, you can consider buying some excellent dog toys for them. With toys, not only will you keep your dogs busy but also stop them from making any mischief, especially if you are not around.

Another method to keep your dogs stimulated is by playing a fetch game with them. Throwing a ball and having them fetch enhances focus and discipline in the canines.

Feed them a Nutritious Diet

It is essential to give your canines nourishing dog foods as it keeps them healthy, both physically and mentally. Feeding stale and unhealthy foods can make them tired and anxious, later on affecting their overall behaviour. You might have also seen how your dog’s looking upset when they do not receive adequate nutrition.

Another important thing is to set a proper schedule for your dog’s feeding. Even if you are feeding healthy foods to your dogs, they can go cranky if they do not get their timely meals. 2-3 times per day is the standard feeding schedule of most dogs.

Reward them when they do positive things

Dogs tend to repeat a behaviour when they know there is a reward for doing it again. For example, you can consider giving them good dog treats while teaching them obedience training. Most dogs learn commands and tricks if they have some tasty foods to eat.

Another benefit of rewarding is that it boosts the overall communication between you and your dog. If this happens, your canine will have no problem with obeying your commands.

Be Affectionate and Forgive them Often

Finally, it would be best if you always showed compassion to your furry friend. Being rude to them can defeat the whole purpose of instilling positive behaviour in them. In fact, the best thing to do when they make mischief is to forgive them. Your dog will most likely pick up your emotion and be more aware of the things he is doing.

Remember, patience is a virtue when it comes to training your dog. If you can teach things to your dogs, keeping love as a foundation, you will soon make them well-mannered.

All in All

You have seen some of the easiest steps to teach positive behaviour in your dog. It would be best to teach these methods to your dogs before they become a year old. Well-trained puppies display good temperaments while they have reached their adulthood phase too. Yet, never stop showering your love and praise on your dogs as you are the world for him.


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