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How To Take Care of Dogs in Rainy Season | Monsoon Pet Care Tips

Monsoons bring down temperatures and pollution. This means your spirited pooch can enjoy more time outdoors. However amid all the pleasantness associated with rains lies the strong probability of pets contracting skin infections and suffering from indigestion, among other diseases. Maintaining your furry baby’s health and hygiene during the wet spell will require you to put in some extra effort. Here are 8 tips that’ll ensure your pooch enjoys every downpour without falling ill:

1) Keep your pet’s fur dry and use an ideal rain gear as and when required: Pat dry your dog’s hair using a towel before and after its daily walks and outdoor play time. During the rainy season there is an increase in moisture content in the atmosphere. So to fight its ill effects, make sure your pooch’s fur is anything but damp. Else you’ll soon find your furry baby suffering from fungal and bacterial skin infections. Anti fungal powders can help keep the paws and other spots free from the attack. Also for the time being, you’ll need to switch to a waterless shampoo for dogs. A protective doggie raincoat is a great way to enjoy a sudden shower while outdoors.

2) Protect those Paws: Your dog’s paws come in contact with the ground and hence exposed to dirt & disease causing viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms. You can protect the paws with shoes/boots. In case your dog rejects the idea of doggie foot wear, clean its paws thoroughly using warm water and a towel after its strolls.

3) Offer a diet rich in fiber: Fibrous vegetables and fruits will aid in proper digestion and regular bowel movements in the absence of long walks and outdoor activities due to constant rains. Indoor exercises can be employed to compensate for a lack of outdoor play time. Running up and down the stairs or a game of fetch with the pet are some ways in which you can exercise the canine inside your house. The amount of food your dog consumes in a day must be in accordance with its level of activity to avoid issues such as obesity.

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4) Boil water before you give it to your pet dog for drinking: This way you can easily avert your pet’s tummy troubles.

5) Keep its ears cleaned & check for infections: The wet period increases moisture in the pooch’s ears. It’s important to keep the ears dry and wipe off the wax to avoid ear-infections. Dry the ears after every outdoor play session as well as baths. Ears that are long and closed are at a greater risk of getting infected.

6) Create a secure resting space for the pooch to tackle fear caused by loud thunder: Your pet must be allotted its very own private and safe resting spot in the house. It can run to this space to feel secure whenever the sound of thunder frightens it. A pup may feel safe hiding under its human’s bed. If this is the case with your furry pal, leave your bedroom door open for it to sneak in when feeling scared and anxious.

7) Stop a tick and flea attack: Warm and humid weather conditions lead to a rise in the population of these pests. These pesky parasites can transmit a number of deadly diseases to the canine. It’s important to keep your dog’s sleeping spot clean and free of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and other bugs. Its bedding must be dry and should be regularly changed. Use of anti-tick shampoos and collars are some preventative measures. Also tick sprays and powders work effectively to kill and keep away these pests.

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8) De-worm and vaccinate the pet before the onset of rains to prevent certain diseases: With monsoons comes the risk of worm related ailments and respiratory infections. Your dog’s trusted vet will administer suitable de-worming tablets and vaccine/s as per the immunization schedule.

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Turn away the blues surrounding overcast skies and rainy days! Prepare your pet pooch to face the monsoons head on with these simple tips. After all these precautionary measures ensure our pets stay happy, hale & hearty no matter what the elements bring forth.


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