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Know Your Pet Cat’s Behavior Well- Why Cats Eat Grass?

Sometimes your cat’s behavior might surprise you. Why cats eat grass? This is the question that many owners might be asking themselves or the others, but the appropriate answer only lies with the vet. But, it is a proven fact that grazing is perfectly normal and natural habit in domestic cats as well as wild and feral cats.Whether your cat is outdoor or indoor, it is certain that your feline companion has definitely nibbled on the “grass” on many of the occasions.


You might think that this is a strange behavior- especially if your feline friend throws up after having grass- but there is absolutely nothing to bother about. There is no evidence that suggests that the grass will be harmful for your cat, and many of the experts theorize that eating grass is beneficial for the cat.

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So are you forced to ponder over the question that why should your cat consume grass? Here is your answer-

1. Carnivorous Rex- Although cats throw up after eating grass, this does not mean that your cat loves to throw up. Throwing up after eating the grass eliminates all the indigestible things from your cat’s digestive tract. This makes it feel much better. This process is essential as the cat eats its prey while including both the inedible and edible parts.

2. Grass Juice- Similar to the mother’s milk, the grass juices have folic acid. It is imperative as it serves to be a very important vitamin that helps a cat in performing its bodily functions as well as creation of hemoglobin, a protein that circulates oxygen in blood. Think that it is a wheat grass shake for the cat!

3. Nature’s Laxative– Another thing is that, grass acts like a natural laxative for the cat’s body, offsetting any kind of indigestion in its body. You can give it a name of “sixth sense” or intuition, but your kitty knows that some amount of grass is good for it. Eating little amount of grass might save you a trip to a vet to show your cat.

4. Finally, cats must be having grass just for the taste; It is palatable and they love its taste. But many owners might stop their cats from eating grass due to the fear of cat vomiting. Instead, try purchasing a pot of grass or a seed from a pet store or a florist near you and feed your cat with in-grown grass plants. Your cat will surely chase the outdoor garden and have an access to a healthy and clean grass.

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So, to conclude, ingesting some amount of grass is not bad for your cat. Some people believe that the cats consume grass to get itself relieved from a sore throat. But you should definitely keep this in mind, to grow non toxic and non dangerous variety of household plants in your house. This is because if your cat does not get access to the grass, it will start eating the in house plants which might turn out to be dangerous to its health. You can also go in for a small tray of grass purchase for your beloved feline friend. You can even opt for an herbal home garden especially for your cat and to maintain its health. These homemade grass preparations will ensure that your cat is saved from eating outdoor grass, which could actually cause more harm than good. The outdoor landscaping grass can cause accidental intake of pesticides, chemicals or herbicides, which you have been using to maintain your yard. This could cause an acute harm to your cat.


Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.

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