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Pictures of Lynx Cat

See the pictures of wild lynx cat. It is a medium sized wild cat with the name derived from the Indo-European root “leuk-“, meaning “light, brightness”. It is available in 4 species namely Eurasian lynx, Canada lynx, Iberian lynx and the Bobcat. Find pictures of all these 4 species below:

Lynx cat sitting on snow (Found in Canada)


Wild Lynx cat with martian ears (Iberian)
Wild Lynx cat with martian ears

Lynx cat with Sophia who loves it as her pet cat 

Lynx cat with Sophi

Lynx Eurasian cat

Lynx Eurasian cat

Desert Lynx cat

desert lynx cat
Baby Lynx Kitten

Baby Lynx Kitten
Bobcat Lynx

Bobcat Lynx


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