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5 Dogs That Are Trained To Do Something Special

 Duffy:He is specially trained to do laundry for disabled owners.

Alberta:Alberta is  specially trained to sniff out zebra mussels.

Millie:Millie is trained for people who can not walk.

Millie is trained for people who can not walk.

Chief:He is trained for deaf and disabled people.

German Shepherd
:He is service Police dogs (ISO certified).Specifically Trained for object and personal protection as well as for all special purposes. Rico

[ Must Know Facts About Police Dog –“9 Fact About German Shepherd Dogs”]


Mahender just loves animals, especially the furry four-legged ones that he can cuddle and spoil with his love. His deep interest in the well-being of various pets drives him to research about their health issues, preferred lifestyle and training needs, which he shares with the rest of the world through his writings.

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