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8 Active Dog Breeds That Helps You to Stay Fit

Like human beings, dogs also need some sort of physical activity to keep themselves healthy and fit. You, as a dog owner, should make sure that the dog gets the amount of physical exercise necessary for its healthy upkeep. But fulfilling this responsibility would also bless your body with health and fitness. Following is a list of active breed of dogs which can comfortably undertake, to varying degrees, activities like walks, jogs, running and even hunting:

1. German Shorthaired Pointers are highly intelligent dogs who can adapt themselves to several tasks, making this medium sized dog a delightful companion to their owners. They are excellent at the task of trailing, retrieving and pointing hunting animals like waterfowl, pheasant and raccoons, hence a great companion for hunting excursions.

2. Dalmatians used to accompany the fire-fighting carriages; clearing the way and also guarding the belongings of the fire-fighters. Known for its great stamina and alertness, the Dalmatians are great partners for long-distance jogging sessions.


3. Doberman Pinschers may evoke fright with its looks; but this energetic dog would not only prove to be a loyal and obedient friend but would also protect you as a guardian. Because of its stamina, speed and intelligence, the dog also finds its use in police and army, and you can comfortably take it on jogs or hiking expeditions.

4. Labrador Retriever, originally from Canada, is the most popular breed of retriever in many countries like US, UK and Australia. It is a versatile hunter, who can hunt even in water and is adaptable to all weather conditions. At the same time, its persistence, intelligence and even temperament makes it a good family dog. A Labrador can be suitably taken for brisk shorter runs.


5. American Staffordshire Terrier is a friendly breed but its loyalty towards its master and family makes it protect them against any threat. The dog is strong, courageous and athletic, making it fit to take part in several dog sports. The dog needs regular exercise to lead a healthy and happy life, so do you, you can very well take the dog on daily walks and indulge in active games with it.

6. Greyhound has long been used to assist in hunts because of its remarkable speed and sight. Today, more of a lovely companion to you, the athletic dog would also make an awesome running partner; ideal for vigorous shorter runs.


7. Vizsla is an athletic breed which is excellent when it comes to speed, stamina, tackling of obstacles, and most importantly, exceptional trainability skills. Sensitive and loving, Vizslas are also brave and protective and are suitable for undertaking long steady runs, which can be extended to a distance of 10 miles and above.

8. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, may look threatening due to its muscular body, but actually are fond of people. The intelligent breed is loyal and possesses a great level of stamina, which needs to be utilized through daily walks and jogging sessions; which on the other hand would also bring fruitful results to your body.

But before indulging in any activity with the dog, do consult with a veterinary doctor who would take into consideration the age, medical condition and current activity level of the dog before giving you a go ahead.


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