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Adopt King Charles Spaniel Puppies – Buy/Sell Puppy In India

Get Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies in best condition in India. Imported King Charles spaniel puppies are available for sale in Delhi/NCR

King Charles spaniel is a dog that has retained sporty nature of its toy spaniel ancestors till date. If it is not sitting on your lap or getting a rub or pat from you, it will play outside. It is such a sporting breed that it loves hiking and running on a beach. Further, it is so athletic that it enjoys playing some dog sports like rally, fly ball, and agility. Some are even very impressive hunting dogs. The dogs which are more restful are successful as the therapy dogs and family friends. They serve to be the best canine companions and you can make memorable moments with them.

These playful, gentle, affectionate, willing to please, quiet and sweet spaniels can be your best friend and give you innumerable memorable moments in life. They are fit to be the ideal pets in the house in many ways. They are extremely amiable towards the other dogs, pets and even strangers.

If you desire to have a dog who-

  1. Is very small, captivating, attractive and soft, with huge expressive eyes as well as a lovely and elegant smooth feathered coat in a wide ranging striking colors
  2. Adores comfort, snuggling on it soft pillows, and loves cuddling in laps, yet has an athletic and outdoorsy types instincts than you might assume
  3. Is polite and peaceful with each and everyone
  4. Is willing to impress, please and respond well to treats and praises!



Cavalier King Charles spaniel price in Delhi/NCR and All over India – Buy Cavalier King Charles spaniel Puppy


Cavalier King Charles spaniel cost varies from Rs 20,000-Rs 50,000. Before adopting your Charles toy spaniel puppy, you have to decide the place from where you will purchase or adopt your new canine companion. You should select only it most reputed and certified breeders from Delhi/NCR/ Noida, who are genuinely in love with the breed and want their spaniel puppies to remain healthy, playful and happy. Not only this, but you also need to make sure that your house is prepared for the arrival and welcome of your new soft canine companion, kindly do not forget to search for a suitable vet for your spaniel puppy, and choose a healthy, happy King Charles spaniel puppy.


King Charles spaniel Puppies on Sale in Noida /Delhi /NCR and All Over India – Buy King Charles spaniel Dog


King Charles spaniel Breed Information


Named after King Charles II, this breed has been descended from the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. In the late 1600s, King Charles spaniels were bred with the pugs, and this resulted in a smaller dog version with upturned faces, flatter noses, protruding eyes and rounded heads. This inter breeding resulted into what we call today as “King Charles spaniel”. These dogs were distinguished from the other dogs by attaching a prefix to their names “Cavalier” in 1940s. By now, they were recognized as a separate breed.   On 1st January 1996, it was recognized as the 140th breed by the AKC.


King Charles spaniel is a royal, elegant, toy spaniel having moderate bones. They explicitly maintain the built of a working spaniel, but in a smaller version. The dog is well proportioned little animal. His head is slightly rounded, with a full muzzle, tapered a little along with a shallow stop. Having a black colored nose, King Charles spaniel has teeth that meet in a scissors bite. Its dark brown and round eyes are set apart with the help of dark rimmed eyes. With a lot of feathering, its long ears are set very high. Although its tail is left natural, but sometimes it might be docked by one third. Cavalier Charles spaniel has a very silken textured coat which is in medium length with abundant feathering on its ears, legs, tail and its chest. Its colors include tan and black, ruby (rich mahogany red), Blenheim (white and red), and the tri color.



Similar to other dog breeds, Charles spaniels are available in wide ranging personalities, from sedate and quiet to rambunctious and rowdy. The King Charles spaniel is a very affectionate, happy and an eager dog, always living to wag its tail. When someone (an intruder or a stranger) comes to the gate, spaniels may or may not bark. So, they should not be chosen as a protector, guardian or a watchdog. Although exceptions are always there, some dogs inform you even about an event taking place at your neighborhood and they also bark ferociously if a stranger approaches them. But King Charles spaniel is not a perfect choice when looking for a watchful guardian and protector for your house. Easily trained and friendly, Charles spaniel is the perfect companion for families having small children as well as other pets.

This breed is very intelligent and so they can be trained easily. They will grasp and learn things easily. This is the reason that they perform very well in the competitive obedience training. Sportive and outgoing, this breed is always willing to please and impress everyone. Cavaliers adore people around them, and are an excellent companion. Like any other dog, they require early socialization. This will not let them remain reserved with the strangers.

King Charles spaniel Breed Major Characteristics

King Charles Dog information
Other names Ruby spaniel, Blenheim spaniel, Cav, Cavie, Cavalier
Origin                                         England
Date of Origin 1600s
Size Type Large dog breeds, Purebred
Breed Group Working dog breeds (AKC), Companion groups
Life span 9 -15 years
Height Male: 12–13 inches (30- 33 cm)Female: 12-13 inches ( 30-33 cm)
Weight Male: 13- 18 pounds Female: 13-18 pounds
Black and Tan, Blenheim, Tri color, Ruby
Coat Silky, medium, feathery
Litter Size 2- 6 puppies
Temperament Playful, Adaptable, Fearless, Patient, Affectionate, Sociable
Puppy price An average price of King Charles spaniel puppy is US$ 1250 or Rs. 7500, adoption cost is US $ 175 or Rs. 10500.
Health Concerns Hip dysplasia, cherry eye, ear infections, Episodic Falling, Patellar Luxation, Mitral Valve Disease



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