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Brittany Dog

Brittany Dog

Breed Name: Brittany Dog

Brittany dog are gentle, intelligent and easy to handle Gun dogs. They are very alert and hyper-active hunter dogs. They are energetic dogs and when it comes to birds hunting, they always pay attention compare to other breeds.

Nicknames: American Brittany, Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Wiegref, Epagneul Breton

Origin:               France

Ancient Use:    Bred primarily for bird hunting

Type:                 Medium-sized dog

Built:                 Solidly built

Appearance: They are found in various colors like Orange and white, liver and white, black and white etc. They are leggy dogs. Their eyes come in colors of dark brown to shades of amber and hazel, depending on the coat color. The triangular ears are set high, lying flat close to the head.

Temperament: Hyper active, Intelligent, Gentle

Height:              Males 17 to 21 inches, Females 18 to 20 inches

Weight:              30 to 40 pounds

Average Life:   About 10 to 13 years

Species:            Gun Dogs

Barking Status:  Active barking habits

Family Dog: They are not active inside the house. They like to roam due to their hunting instincts. They can be good with kids if they rose with them. Brittanys that lack in mental and or physical exercise will become hyperactive and unstable so not considered as good family dogs.

Preferable Temperature:   Cold and Damp

Active Breed:                        Yes

Member of:                           AKC Sporting Group

Socialization Status:           Yes

Health Status: Brittany Dogs are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they can be subject to certain health conditions like Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia and Hypothyroidism.

What to Feed:

Recommended daily amount: 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.

How to Care:

  • Needs regular brushing
  • Needs to keep in good condition
  • Needs bath or dry shampoo when necessary
  • Need mental and physical exercise both

Brittany puppies


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