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Ever Seen a Dog Babysit Kittens? Here’s is What Happens Next!

The happy coexistence of two dogs, Wally and Buster comes to a halt when a few kittens join the party. Initially, they were not happy to find these cute kittens amidst them, and the same happened to the kittens who wanted these two rowdy dogs to be taken under their wing. For some time, the cats observed the dogs closely and tried to find what they were interested in. One day, when the dogs went out for their customary walk, Louis decided to investigate their favorite spot and found it to be the most comfortable and softest place to relax. When the dogs returned, they saw someone else lounging on their favorite place. Soon the dogs found themselves sharing space in their dog den with the kitten leaning on them for some grown up support. Louise tries to catch the attention of the dogs and is successful. The dogs make the cats learn the ropes and have a fun time together, but soon the day comes when the cats find their real families. The kittens start leaving one by one and the dogs are all alone once again or are they? They soon find Louise relaxing on their favorite spot in all her glory once again!


Anwar Jakhal is a blogger, travel enthusiast, fitness fanatic, and animal lover who is figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. With interest in human and canine nutrition and fitness, he is using his biotechnology background to explore and write about his interests.

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