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Great Dane Basic Training Tips And Methods

The Great Danes are huge, enormous, gentleman and powerful dogs. They were earlier called Boar Hounds because they used to hunt Boars. Even though they are enormous, they do not have the hunting traits in them. Whatever you do in your initial days with your Dane is going to play a vital role in his character. Pamper him with all the love initially and be prepared to handle his behavior issues. Enforcing some rules now will save you from an out of control Dane. Early training and socialization is must for this dog.

 Black Great Dane

Importance of Great Dane’s Training

Training your Dane pet is as important as breathing. Training sessions with him can be very strenuous. You will have to take extreme precautions while training your Dane. Though, Great Danes are very noble dogs they are also very huge and can use their enormous bodies against you if they are not in the mood. They are likely to whine at night in the initial phase, but giving in to their calls is going to teach them that their hubbubs are going to earn them attention, and we do not want to spoil him. With regular and proper training and once they have settled in new environment things will surely get better.

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Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Great Dane

Pet Market is loaded with a wide variety of pet training equipments available these days. So, before commencing training sessions with your Dane, you should check out all the available options. These tools actually help a lot while training your pet  and makes training a lot easier. The great Danes loves to play and due to huge body needs regular exercise, hence, use of appropriate and correct equipment and accessory will enhance its exercise and fun. A daily walk is not at all acceptable and sufficient for the Danes to be  active. The Dane’s huge body makes it a must for them to be properly trained and given ample amount of time to play and exercise to stay healthy. Thus, it is important to ensure strong training of these beautiful animals.

Types of Training Methods for Great Danes

A variety of training methods are used to train a Great Dane. Some of them are-

Basic Dog Obedience training

The Great Danes are full of love for humans and are easy to train. Their training should begin as soon as possible as it will save them from behavior issues. They should also be trained to be socializing pets as shy, anti-human Danes will lead to fear-bites.

Great Dane

Clicker Training

Danes are noble souls and adapts to the clicker training within a few sessions. You do need a clicker, clicker is a device that makes a click sound. It is easily available at pet stores. You can commence by feeding your Dane with each click and soon they will understand that a click means a treat. Then, during a training session, a click will be a treat and a reward to your Dane. You should appreciate him by clicking when he performs well. After few sessions a click will be all that will take to get your pet’s attention.

Correction Reinforcements

Correction Reinforcement training has been used for centuries and is coined as “old school” by trainers following positive reinforcements or a combination of correction and combination reinforcements. In this method you correct your dog’s response with leash, collar until he gives you desired response. Correction reinforcements can help you achieve your goals way too faster as Great Danes are very responsive. We do recommend to not overdo correcting as Danes are sensitive creatures.

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Different Trainings Required for Great Dane

When training your Dane, certain factors need to be taken care of, such as:


  • Danes are humble and affectionate but need to learn socializing due to their enormous bodies.
  • Shy Danes can really be anti-humans except his owner.


  • It is very important for your pet to be obedient and understand basic commands.
  • Pets should know who is in command. It is necessary for you as well as your pet as you are solely responsible for your pet’s well being.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to Great Dane

Do’s Don’ts
Use a stern voice while training Do not over-correct your dog.
Keep training sessions regular Do not lose your patience
Use rewards and corrective reinforcement Do not be too harsh on your pet

 Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for Dane

  • Be appreciative while training your dog as the Great Danes are very noble, loyal and sensitive and appreciation will surely motivate your dog to perform better.
  • Be very gentle yet stern when training him so that he doesn’t get afraid of training.



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