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How To Get Cats To Drink More Water

Although cats do not need as much water as other pets, it is still important for them to stay hydrated, especially if they have any bladder or kidney disorder. In order to make sure that your feline companion get enough to drink, you can follow below mentioned methods:

• Make the water of your cat more appealing by changing the water bowls. Place the bowls in different parts of house, and you can even flavour them with a bit of canned chicken juice.

• You should give mostly wet-food diet to your cat. Canned food has more moisture and it is the easiest way to get more water in the diet of cat. If your cat doesn’t eat wet food, you can add water or broth to dry food and see if she eats that.

• You can also try ice cubes in your cat’s food, as it adds moisture and it’s like a little treat for your cat. The ice cube takes on the food’s flavour, and when cat lick the cube, she gets water, too.

• You should serve smaller and more frequent meals. Smaller meals might also lead your cat to drink more.

• You should keep your cat’s water bowl away from his litter box

• Make sure that the water bowls are refilled regularly because cats like fresh water. Make sure to change the water in bowl at least once a day. You should also regularly wash out the bowl completely with soap and water to keep it from getting slimy.

• You can also try to fascinate your cat to drink more water by flavouring the water with a bit of chicken broth or tuna juice


Hailing from Delhi, Prateek Tiwari is an avid animal lover who believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” A graduate in Biotechnology, he has vast knowledge about different breeds of pets and pet food that are both nutritious and promote healthy growth. In order to make people aware about pets and pet care, he shares his expertise through his blog posts.

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