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Russian Blue Cat Training Tips

The Russian Blue cat is known for its elegance and style. The cat has been blessed with joyful and loving disposition and this nature help them to get a lot of fans. These are intelligent and considerate and have a little conventional nature. Their muscular and lithe body helps them to stay active and agile.

Russian Blue Cat

Though, a little shy by nature, they can readily come out of their shell with a little nudge and push by the trainers. Their cautious nature and strong senses make them aware about their requirements, which help them to ensure their survival.

Importance of a Russian Blue Training

Training a Russian Blue cat is not a daunting task. They are highly intelligent and perceptive cats and suitable training can help them to become lovable companions. Initially, they may be a little fearful of the strangers, but with socialization training, they can gel well with strangers. It quickly learns a variety of entertaining tricks to please their owners and show their immense affection for them. Socialization of this cat is not as difficult as other cat breeds.

Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Russian Blue Cat

A variety of tools and equipment are available in the market that assists in the training of this cat.

Clicker Training

A clicker making sharp sounds is generally used when training Russian Blue Cat. This sound is made when the cat behaves in a desirable manner. The loud sound made by the clicker makes the cat understand the actions and manners expected by the trainer.

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Reward Training

Using rewards and treats, the owners can ensure pleasing behavior in their feline friends. The training must be enjoyable for the pet, if you shout or yell at your cat unreasonably, it may feel stressed while training and the desirable behavior would be difficult to achieve. After every good behavior or expected activity, they must be praised or given a reward.


Target Training

The Russian Blue cat loves to play with its owners. After just a little training, they can indulge in a variety of playful activities. Target training is something that can be tried with them. They will love to impress you with their playful antics. Using pointers or sticks, desirable behavior can be ensured in these cats. For example, if you want your cat to jump high in the air, you can use a target high up, so that your cat is encouraged to jump. Training your cat may turn out to be easy by using Target-Click-Treat steps repeatedly.

Different Trainings Required for a Russian Blue cat

Litter Training

  • Training your cat must begin with making them comfortable with the use of a litter box.
  • For this purpose, a simple litter box can be used. Train your cat to do its “business” outdoors or in the litter box.
  • Instructing repeatedly will help him to understand that whenever he needs to do it’s “business”, he need to use this litter box.

Leash Training

  • A leash quite light in weight and comfortable to wear must be chosen when starting with leash training for your cat.
  • Place the leash close to the cat and ensure that it gets acclimatized seeing this leash and do not get alarmed when using the leash for the first time.
  • Be very calm and kind when using the leash for the very first time.
  • Slowly but surely, the cat will allow you to use a leash and will make the outdoor walking an pleasurable experience.

Obedience Training

  • It is very important that you make your cat learn to respect you and obedience training must be started right from the very early stage.
  • When making sure compliance in a Russian Blue cat, it is essential that you are quite tender and soft but firm with your cat.
  • Whenever the cat is displaying a unruly behavior, be firm with your cat and stop it from doing so.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to a Russian Blue cat

Do’s Don’ts
This cat is quite adorable and lovely and its graceful disposition helps her to earn a lot of followers but while enjoying her antics, ensure that they are perfectly trained and groomed. When training your cat, you need to be quite patient and keep your wits about you!
Call them by their names and draw their attention. Do not be insensitive and callous with them.
Spend a lot of fun time with them and ensure a strong bond with them. Do not stretch the training sessions unnecessarily.

 Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for A Russian Blue cat

Certain tips can help in training your Russian Blue cat in the most easy manner.

  • Training of your cat must begin immediately as soon as it is brought home so as to help it to pick up training commands fast.
  • Be considerate and thoughtful to your cat, understand its problems and behavior.
  • Ensure proper grooming and hygiene of the cat.
  • Be firm and convincing when training your cat.


Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.

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