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Indonesian Raas Cat Training Tips

A Raas cat is a breed of domestic cats. It is named after the place of origin that is Raas Island in Indonesia. Raas cats are classy and larger than cats bred in general. Raas has long bodies over short legs and a round skull. These cats have long tails bent at the ends and green oval eyes. You are going to fall in love all over again with them when they look at you with those mesmerizing, heart melting eyes.

Raas-cat These cats were initially bred as hunting cats and now it is considered a domestic cat with a violent streak. You should train your cat but do not apply the training methods of dogs on cats. They will not work. Training your cat will need innovation and loads of patience. Raas cats are moody and you cannot be sure that a method that worked earlier will work now also.

Importance of a Raas Cat Training

Training of a Raas cat is a patient as well as challenging job as Raas cats were bred to hunt vermin and they do not like to be told what they should do. You should begin by analyzing and understanding your Raas cat’s behavior. One thing you should keep in mind is that your cat does not want to work to please you. So, no matter how much you appreciate her, it will not motivate her you have to search for her motivation. A well behaved cat is what we are seeking and not a cat that is trained to lose her basic character. Raas Cats are very playful and need loads of exercise for a healthy life.

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Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for The Raas Cat

Pet Market these days is stacked with a huge variety of pet training equipments available these days. Before commencing training sessions with your Raas cat, it is advisable to check out the available options. These equipments do assist you a lot while training your cat and also makes training fun. Your cat will assume training is play time.

Clicker Training

Cats are instinctively inclined to sounds and using it to train them is a wise option. A clicker is an object that makes a click sound and your Raas cat will adapt to it faster that you will expect.

Positive Training

Your Raas cat should be rewarded with what he likes. It is simple to note that every cat is an individual and has individual choices. You will have to teach her desired response. They might be stubborn at times.

Fetching and Retrieving

Fetching & Retrieving

This is not a training session for your Raas cat, but play time. Running for his favorite object is something he will love. It is far better than gruesome training sessions as your cat will enjoy it and participate.

Different Training required for a Raas cat

Litter Training

  • Choose an appropriate litter box and choose its position.
  • You will have to take your cat to the litter box.
  • He will learn and find its way to the litter box on his own.

Leash Training

  • Begin by selecting a leash.
  • Give your cat ample time to get familiarized with it.
  • Using leash for the very first time might make your cat stubborn.
  • When she allows you to use a leash, you are ready to go for a nice evening walk with your kitten.

Obedience Training

  • Obedience Training should begin as soon as possible.
  • Being harsh with your cat will just distance you from him.
  • Over pampering will lead to serious behavior issues.
  • Basic Obedience Training is very important as you are responsible for your cat’s well being and you have to be in command.
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Certain tips can help in training your Raas cat in an easy manner:

  • Initiate training sessions as soon as possible.
  • Try to understand your cat’s likes and dislikes.
  • Cleanliness is a must with Raas cats.
  • During training do not give in to her demands.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to a Raas cat

You should take care of following minute yet critical points while training your Raas cat.

Do’s Don’t’s
Your Raas cat is going to be adorable and during training you must not give in to her demands. Do not break the trust of your cat. It takes time to earn a cat’s trust and once broken is hard to repair.
Persian Cats do need you to spend quality time with them. Do not use harsh voice of your cat or even in her presence.
Spend quality time with your Raas cat. Give your cat a cold shoulder when he is being stubborn. So he knows it is not going to work.


Hailing from Delhi, Prateek Tiwari is an avid animal lover who believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” A graduate in Biotechnology, he has vast knowledge about different breeds of pets and pet food that are both nutritious and promote healthy growth. In order to make people aware about pets and pet care, he shares his expertise through his blog posts.

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