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Top 10 Cat Thieves That Were Caught Red-Paw

Cats are intelligent & sneaky creatures. But for their delicious treat & foods, some cats will do just about anything to get their food. Check out the following hilarious cat photos which teach you how to steal food like true professionals

1. As we all know, milk is associated with cats, but have an entirely different digestive system, and human food /milk can really clog them up.
Milk Thief

2.In this picture, Cat is trying to steal fish from a baby.
Stealing Fish

3. In this Picture, Cat is trying to catch smoked fishes which are in the air.
Smoked Fish Thief

4.This cat is waiting to eat delicious little fish tank food is about to be her next meal, she wants to taste it!
Fish Thief

5.The cat is trying to steal cookies from his owner plate.
Cookie Thief

6.In this pic, kitty scored multiple sausage links, and then get a perfect location to get a meal.
Sausage Burglar

7. Pen Thief: This cat is ready to write her first book.
Pen Thief

8.In this Picture, kitty is trying to steal snow man’s nose, which is a carrot.
snow cat theif

9. Like a human, she also wants to fly in the air with balloons.
Bullon Cat thief

10.This cat stole already dead fish which is bigger than her.
bad cat


Swati takes pride of being a dog lover. Her current passions include blogging, writing and collecting dog pictures of various breeds. She is an active member of stray dog care society.

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