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26th August National Dog Day – Let’s Celebrate With Our Furry Friends

“A dog serves to be man’s true and loyal friend.” From being loyal, keeping the people safe, supporting blind people, disabled or deaf, the innocent and loving dogs do a lot for all the human beings. Now is the perfect opportunity to give them back something which is worth it. To honour the distinguished bond between a man and his dog, celebrations of Dog Day are not far away.


National Dog day is celebrated on 26th August every year. National dog day is celebrated to motivate the ownership of dogs of all kinds of breeds, whether pure and mixed, and it is the perfect opportunity for all the dogs to live a “safe, happy, peaceful and an abuse free” life. Dogs are considered to be the best companions, and they support those who need them. On National dog day, it is the aim of all the dog lovers to search for homes for all the dogs which require a loving and caring family. The foundation of National dog day aims at rescuing almost more than ten thousand dogs each year. The foundation of national dog day supports all the varieties and breeds of dogs. They discourage the purchase of dogs from any unethical breeders and backyard puppy mills. They create awareness of purchasing your dog from reputable breeders. They support the adoption of the dogs from reputable organisations. Also, the national dog day has been avidly supported by many high profile people such as George Bush, US president. His dog had his own website and a sequence of short movies.


On this national dog day, take out some time and appreciate the value and love that our dogs bring in our regular lives. Raise your voice, fill your soul with enthusiasm to do something for the dogs that are homeless or abused (for any reason) all around the world.

National dog day should be celebrated in a way that is absolutely a fun day for you as well as your dog. You can go and visit a rescue home and adopt a dog. Try to pamper your dog with a holistic and exclusive spa treatment or massage this summer. On this national dog day, you can go to the extent of purchasing matching t- shirts for yourself and your best companion, your dog. You can throw a dog party and invite all your friends. You can also buy your adorable dog a fashionable leash and collar. Go for a professional fun photo shoot with your dog or take him to the beach.


So, all the dog lovers should come together to celebrate the versatile and varied talents of their dogs. On this national dog day, either treat and pamper your dog to give him the best time of his life or support a dog who is in need. The dogs are absolutely lovable and wonderful beings and deserve a complete respect and compassion from us for their loyalty. So, let an unwanted dog feel loved this Dog Day! Would you like to contribute your bit to the society?


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