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Best Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Some dogs and cats get along really well and pet lovers who wish to have both cats and dogs in their houses are always in the hunt of such breeds of dogs and cats that are friendly with each other.

The rivalry of felines and canines has been continuing from always. It is a common notion that you can’t domesticate a cat and a dog at the same time. Nonetheless, some dog breeds do well with the cats. Such dogs are perfect to make pet as you can also keep your cat in home and the two will certainly not indulge in fighting.  Here is the list of such dog breeds that get along with cats in a friendly manner:

Sussex Spaniel: 

Sussex Spaniel is an English dog breed developed in Sussex. It looks somewhat similar like Clumber Spaniel. These dogs have clownish and vivacious temperament. They love to be around the people and are protective of the family. They are good with the cats as well.
Golden Retriever:

Golden Retrievers are the large sized dogs who have a tendency to be trained easily. They are the obedient canines with long coated body. They love outdoor activities and are highly enthusiastic. These dogs are extremely smart and are very friendly with the caregivers.
Bernese mountain dog:

Bernese is a large canine breed and was originated in Switzerland. These dogs were initially used as a general farm dog. This breed is usually docile and placid towards the strangers. Berneses are the outdoor dogs by heart.

Bichon Frise:

Bichon frise is the small breed of dog that is somewhat similar in looks with the Maltese but is larger in size. This breed was originated in Spain/Belgium and was then taken to France. These dogs are highly cheerful and are sensitive, well mannered and affectionate. Bichons do well with the cats and are great companion dogs.

English setter:

English Setter is a medium side dog breed. These dogs come in coats of different colors. This dog breed is considered as extremely gentle by nature. They are playful and people oriented that make them ideal pet for the families who can provide proper attention and care.

Poodle is the formal breed of dogs that come in many colors of coat. These dogs are skillful in dog sports and are known for agility and obedience. Many conformation shows have honored Poodles. These dogs are highly enthusiastic and therefore get bored in a very short period if they are left alone.


Pekingese is an ancient dog breed of toy dogs. These dogs were originated in China and are also known as loin dogs. This dog breed has large eyes nad flat face with long hair coat that come in all types of color combinations. These dogs are known for their energy and liveliness that make them a lovely companion.


Pug is the dog breed with short-muzzled and wrinkly face. Their tale is curled and the coat is usually glossy and fine. The coats in pugs come in assortment of colors on the body that is compact, square and muscularly well developed. These dogs are much in little as they feature vivacious and teasing nature.

Making such dogs a pet does not create any issue if the owner is a freak of domesticating cats as well. Thus, these pooch are preferred by the cat lovers at a great extent.


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