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Best Treats For Dogs With No Teeth

Providing treats to the dogs with no, less or damaged teeth can be a challenging task for the owners. There can be various reasons for a toothless dog. Puppies are not born with teeth. Further, dog’s teeth can also be in bad shape because of the age or genetic problems, and older dogs may also have damaged or unhealthy teeth.

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Treats for dogs with no or damaged teeth can be difficult to find because it eliminates several common dog treats, such as rawhide and milk bones. In this article, we have listed some healthy treats available for these dogs.

1. Canned Food

Canned food for dogs is soft and varies from a solid lump to a watery collection of vegetables and meat. Almost all breed of dogs enjoy canned or wet food since it has high content of meat; therefore, you can consider giving that as a treat to your dog. You can also roll pieces into little balls or deliver it on a spoon depending on the consistency. If the meal contains meat chunks, you can clean these with paper towel and save these in the refrigerator.

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2. Soft, Meaty Treats

Treats that are hard to chew often consist of lots of dyes and flour, so avoiding these can actually lead to a healthier diet for your toothless canine companion. There are several branded treats available that are made largely of meat. These treats are soft and can be easily gummed down by a toothless dog. Since mostly soft treats are made of meat, these are very appetizing for your dog and can be given frequently.

3. Human Treats

Many dog owners do not like to give their dogs human treats, but some of these foods are perfectly healthy and safe for your dog.

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One of the best human treat that is also good for your dog is boiled chicken. If you are cooking chicken, you can save the leftovers as a healthy treat for your canine companion. Cheese is also considered a special treat for the dogs, especially when administering pills. It can be a good treat for a toothless dog if broken into small pieces. You should give cheese in moderation in order to avoid digestive problems in your dog. In addition to this, you can also give some fresh vegetables to your furry friend.

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Dogs also love cream cheese and it can be rolled into the small balls for a special treat for your furry friend. You can also cut up hot dogs and peanut butter that are highly nutritious and good for toothless dog. You can roll peanut butter into balls or spread on a spoon that your canine companion can lick for a reward. You can choose a fat-free brand for a healthier option for your dog.


From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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