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How to Remove Dog Hair from your Car

How to Remove Dog Hair from your Car

Travelling with your dog is fun, but cleaning your car after your dog leaves the car may not seem like a fun activity. It requires your time and patience. We bring to you some smart ways in which your efforts would become less laborious and more successful. To enlighten you further, at the end are given some suggestions on how to reduce shedding in dog.

1.Fabric softener

In a cup of water, add 3 teaspoons of fabric softener and lightly spray the solution over the car’s upholstery and wipe it with paper towel. The softener helps to loosen up the hair so that you can easily hand-pick them. After it dries, you can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining strands of hair.

2.Rubber Glove

Make the glove wet and then rub your gloved hand over your car’s upholstery. Alternatively, you can also spray a little water on the surface of the seat covering or carpet, and then rub the gloved hand over them. The static thus created would help bring loose hairs together, making them easier to pick up.

You can also use a damp cloth in place of the rubber glove and run it in one direction; it would also work to pile up the fallen hair.

3.Rubber-bristle Brush

You can also use a brush having rubber bristles. As the rubber teeth move over the seat and carpet, static is produced and it attracts the fur towards the brush, making the removal of fur easier.

4.Dry Sponge

Move a dry sponge, in sweeping motion, over the car cover and carpets. This will assist you in gathering the dead hair which you can easily take up and throw.

5.Stick them up

Wrap a cello tape around your hand with the sticky side out and stroke the seat cover, carpet and other areas affected by the pet fur.

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Do you remember the childhood experiment of making your hair stand while you moved the balloon near them? Well, this is what can help you in solving your current concern too. Just rub an inflated balloon on your hair and slide it over the seats or crevices of your car and see how the fallen strands of hair jump up towards the balloon.

7.Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is one of the most important defences that you have against the dead hair of your pet. You can also find attachments which would be most suitable for cleaning out hair.

You can use a combination of methods to have the most effective cleaning.

How to prevent excessive shedding in dogs

Shedding is a normal biological occurrence in a dog’s body. The only difference is that in some breeds it takes place more frequently than the others. For example, German Shepherd and Saint Bernard are frequent shredders, and Poodle and Maltese come into the category of very light shredders.

Weather and seasons also influence the amount of hair a dog sheds. A good diet along with proper grooming routine can significantly reduce the amount of shedding.

  • Diet

A complete and balanced high quality diet, appropriate for your individual dog, is the first step to ensure complete well-being. Appropriate food refers to the kind of food which suits the requirements of your individual dog and its particular breed. Allergies, if any, need to be taken into account too. Intake of clean and fresh water would keep the skin well-hydrated. Providing the dog with wet food would also add to the moisture content of the skin.

  • Grooming

Regular brushing of the dog’s coat would not only detangle it but would also help to redistribute the skin oil into the hair. Pick a type of brush (bristle, slicker or rake) which is most suitable for your dog’s fur. Bathing the dog also aids in removing the loose fur. You can consult your vet to know the ideal frequency of bath, as too much of bathing can cause drying of skin, and that can cause hair fall.

Fleas cause irritation to the skin and produce a constant urge to scratch. The incessant scratching can make the hair come out. So you need to be careful of the irksome parasites and try to prevent it by all means.


Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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