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How to Take Care of Cats During Winter

How to Take Care of Cats During Winter

Like us, human beings, our furry friends also have to bear the brunt of the cold in winters. You should know that most cats are warmth seeking animals, and they always look for a cozy spot to rest. Though they often find their shelter, it would be a blessing for them if you can help them stay warm and comfortable by offering some extra care.

This blog will see how you can keep your cats healthy and happy during this winter. You will get to know five easy tips that are highly useful to help all breeds of cats sail through the cold season. So, let us begin.

1) Beware of Frostbites

All cat owners should know that cats can get frostbites when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. It usually starts from the tip of their ears, then tails, and finally reaching to their toes. Hence, every time your cat comes into the house after strolling outside, do wipe their face and feet.

Frostbites usually appear grey or pale in colour. If you can see something like this and are not sure whether it is frostbite or not, please contact the vet immediately.

2) Buy Them Anti Freezing Water Bowls

Most cats love to have food and water left out to them in a bowl. This way, they can quench their thirst and hunger even if they roam outside through the neighbourhood. But if you are keeping a bowl for them, you have to make sure it does not freeze due to the cold temperature.

Consider buying them an excellent heater bowl if you are living in a place having extreme weather. It will help your cats to drink water easily whenever they like.

3) Check Your Cat’s Paw Often

You might have seen that cats often lick their paws as it is a part of their self-grooming. Whenever your cats are home after a stroll outside, you may have to check their paws for the presence of antifreeze. Antifreeze is a coolant of bright yellow and green colour, which mixes with water in cars and trucks to keep radiators from freezing.

These coolants are toxic to animals and your cats can lap it up if they see it in front of them. Hence, the inspection of your cat’s paws is a must after their walks.

4) Provide Them With a Lot of Toys

It would be better if you can keep your cats mostly indoors in the winters. For that, they need something in the house to be completely engaged with. You may gift your cats with some amazing cat toys that keep them not only busy but also highly stimulated.

You can also consider playing a hide and seek game with your cats by offering them with delicious cat treats. You can reward them when they find the toys you have hidden.

5) Keep Them Warm But Away From Hot Things

Though it is essential to keep your cats warm, it is also important to keep them away from artificial heat sources, like room heaters, furnaces, and hot radiators. You should know that flying sparks from a fireplace can hurt your cats badly, and thus they should always be kept at a fair distance. Never leave the space heater on if you are going out somewhere and your cat is inside the house.

6) Always Keep a Litter Tray Inside The House

If you want your cats to be inside your house, you have to provide them with a good indoor litter tray. If they have a safe and accessible area to go to the toilet, they won’t go outside. Litter trays can be a blessing in winters especially to senior cats and cats with medical disabilities.

Whenever you keep the litter box in your home in the cold season, deploy a dehumidifier to help reduce moisture and keep the litter at peak performance.


You have just seen some of the best tips for ensuring superb health in your cats during winters. These are easy to implement strategies and won’t break your sweat in anyway. It is suggested that you increase the grooming of your cats during winter and also feed them in proper intervals. Always consult the vet if you have any doubts on your cat’s health.


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