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Return of the OLD AFGHAN HOUND: Pashmi Dog Breed Info and Photos

The Pashmi breed, also known as the old Afghan hound was brought to the Indian Sub continent centuries ago by the Pathans and Rohillas. Originally from Afghanistan, they settled in the Deccan Plateau region. Village Janwal in Latur region, Maharashtra is where this Saluki type Pashmi breed is found in big numbers. Attempts are being made by conscious dog lovers in Hyderabad to bring back this breed from the brink of extinction by adopting careful breeding and feeding strategies. These dogs look majestic with a tall lean frame and heads held up as if in pride; gifted with excellent stamina and ability to run as fast as a Chinkara deer. Some are Grey or white, even brown or black coloring is found in this variety.


Roughly a total of 10,000 Old Afghan Hounds inhabit states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Two months ago a dog show for Indian breeds in Nagercoil welcomed the participation of two Pashmis. A note worthy mention needs to be made of a group of enthusiasts in Canada who have established a Pashmi Rescue Club.

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Earlier the Pashmis were mostly used for hunting hares. In 1970’s in Maharashtra they were made to perform a new role by being included in the Police canine squad. However there is still little clarity on how they fared as police dogs.

Thinking of Pashmi adoption? Here are some useful facts that will help acquaint you with this ancient dog breed (dating back to the Pre-Christian era).

 An Afghan hound loves the company of adults and little does it prefers to run around children. But there have been instances of Pashmis adjusting very well in families with lots of children through proper training and socializing. Especially when the puppy grows with the children of the house it develops a natural affinity towards them.

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One must take into consideration the sensitive nature of the breed and thus handle it with gentle care. But don’t expect it to be friendly around your guests as it is a `one family dog’. It is often observed that this breed thoroughly enjoys the companionship of its own kind. Incase you are looking for a watch dog then this type will not be a fitting choice as it hardly barks on strangers. Though it’s natural hunting instinct may propel it to chase other small pets living in and around the neighborhood.


Exotic Breed Traits

A lean stature, silky hair and an interesting face are its most striking features.

Height: 2feetx2feet.

Weight: Male-60 Pounds. Female-50 pounds

Life Span: 10-12 years

Breed Group: Hound Dogs

Size: Male-27 inches. Female-25 inches



Some diseases that may be found in Afghan hounds are stated below.

It can be prone to canine cancer. This will lead to an irregular swelling of a sore, bleeding from any opening found in the body, Problems in breathing and excretion. Cancer can be treated with the help of medicines, surgery or chemo-therapy.

There some allergies those affect the hound; Such as sneezing, hair loss, itching, watery eyes, nasal discharge. These can be treated with the help of medications, introducing changes in its environment or diet.

Juvenile cataract is another disorder that can be found in some cases and can be cured surgically. The Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) defines cataract as a “partial or complete opacity of the lens”.

Hypothyroidism is characterized by a disorder of the thyroid gland that can afflict the dog, Its symptoms are hair loss, laziness, bacterial skin infections, unending infections in the ear, and depression. This can be treated with proper medicine and diet.


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Exercise Regimen

The Pashmi (a very active breed) requires daily work-out in the form of a run or a leash-stroll and play time within a fenced area. It is important to note that this breed is famously termed as an `escape artist’, it can be very difficult to catch once let free. Therefore regular training lessons are a must and strategies involving positive reinforcement are very successful.

Dietary Needs

5 This will vary according to the size, age, level of activity, physique, and metabolism. It is very essential to provide good quality dog food that helps in providing complete nourishment to the pooch. A daily dose should include one to one and half cup of high quality dry dog food to be given twice every day.

A puppy hound welcomes the affection and attention showered by its human parents whereas once it attains adulthood these qualities take a turn in the opposite direction. An independent disposition rules the temperament of an adult Afghan hound and it prefers to live on its own terms.

Further a low pain-resistance of this dog can make it easily cranky even on suffering a minor injury.

For these reasons it becomes important for the master to show a great deal of patience and kindness in managing this dog breed. Rough handling can worsen the situation as the Pashmi can become aggressive and even non-cooperative.

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