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Taking Care of Akita dogs

Akita dogs are large and powerful dogs. They have strong and intimidating personality and they are ‘working dogs’. Originally Akita dogs were used a ‘guard dogs’. This breed is fearless, loving and respectful. They demonstrate unparalleled loyalty for their families. They will stay away from strangers and other dogs. They are beautiful and strong dogs. They are not too fond of strangers.  They are very protective about their family.


There are two types of Akita dogs – American and Japanese. In Japanese culture theses dogs are considered very important. The famous and loved movie ‘Hachiko’ is also about an Akita dog and it shows the loyalty and unconditional love of an Akita dog for his master. For many years after the death of his master he went to the train station every morning and evening and waited for him.

Training – Train your dogs so that they can adapt to their environment. . Akita has a very strong personality and he is a born hunter and protector. They don’t aim to please everyone like Labradors. So this makes training them a bit challenging. You need to be firm and assertive while training them as they are dominating by nature. Patience and flexibility are needed while training them.

Akita is an intelligent dog, but has little patience. Keep his training sessions interesting and short. Reward him with treats but never show aggression to them. It’s advisable to use a leash as these dogs are not very friendly towards strangers or other animals. Never allow him to walk without a leash. Training on socializing is important, as by nature, they are loners and suspicious by nature.


Nutrition – Different breeds have different food requirements. Feed them correctly to keep them healthy. Don’t experiment too much with their food. You can choose the right dog food from the many varieties available in the market. Pick the best dog food. Make sure that clean water is always available for your dog. You must clean their food and water bowls regularly and keep away from dust.

Grooming and Coat – We all want our abode to stay clean and look wonderful. They live with us in the house so they must be kept neat and clean. Groom them with love and care. Grooming means to maintain overall well being of your dog. To groom Akita is not such a difficult job. They have a thick coat and it keeps shedding constantly. So it’s very important to regularly brush their coat.

Brush them once a week. This will take away the loose hair and dirt. Raking comb is the best to brush the thick coat. Give him a proper and luxurious bath once in three months. Due to his thick coat it is a little tougher to rinse him thoroughly. Use a clean towel to dry him and take out as much water as you can with your hands.


From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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