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Things To Do If Your Beloved Dog Goes Missing: Do Not Panic And Follow The Steps!

Every pet owner is scared when they call their dog’s name and it doesn’t come or doesn’t respond. When you notice that your dog is not with you, the very first thing is that you should not panic. You need to behave in a thorough, methodical and calm manner so that you could be re-united with your pet. It’s very stressful and upsetting when your dog goes missing. Below are mentioned some of the tips that you should opt for while finding your beloved dog

1. Contact the local and the nearest animal control agents and animal shelters  File a report for your lost pet in every nearby shelter and if possible, visit them daily. Search the phone book or check online to locate a local shelter. If you are not able to find any local shelter nearby, then you should report to a local and nearby police department. A recent photograph and an accurate description of your dog should be provided to these agencies. Try to bring it to the note of the police that your dog might have been stolen.


2. Neighbourhood search Keep on walking or driving through the neighbourhood every day several times. Ask your neighbours, delivery people, letter carriers, post men etc that whether they have seen the dog anywhere. You can also show them the recent photograph of your dog and instruct them that how they can approach you in case they are able to find your dog. It’s a very common practice among the dogs to get scared of the thunder and run and hide in the garage or garden of the neighbours. Does your dog respond to any particular sound? Or does it love any sound or thing? Try to use these tricks to find about its whereabouts. Try to find your dog by bringing its favourite treat or bait.

3. Advertise Create posters and post them at community centres, grocery stores, traffic intersections, veterinary offices, supply stores and other places. Advertisements can be placed on newspapers and radio stations. All the ads should include the pet’s age, sex, breed, weight, special marks and colour. You can also go in for the preparation of a flyer for your dog. It should include the full physical description of your dog as well as your name, address, email ID and contact number.


4. Use the internet There are some sites which can help you find you’re pet like Fido finder, Craig’s List, Lost pet USA etc. There is no harm trying these methods as well. There are many national lost dogs’ databases available over the internet.

5. Be careful about the pet- recovery scandals There might be people who might claim to have your dog. Ask them to describe your dog and mention any identifying characteristic before you make any offer to them. Be aware of people who ask for money first and then return your dog. If the stranger is not able to tell the identifying mark that you had mentioned in the advertisement then such a person might not be having your dog. You can offer a direct reward if someone safely returns your dog, But you need to be afraid of scrupulous strangers who might try to trick you.

6. Walk or drive to the road where your pet was last located. You can call out its name as well or whistle.

7. Provide full description of your dog to the local veterinary practices or any other center. You can also take advantage of the lost and found ads in the newspaper and publish an ad of your missing dog there. You should read the ads daily. Check all the lost and found columns of the local and national newspapers. Many other organisations can be very helpful in finding your dog if approached. Sometimes or most of the times it is the dog shelters which take the dog.

8. If you have got your pet’s insurance done then you should try to approach the insurance company to provide you financial assistance in the recovery of your dog.

pet-insurance 9. Do not refrain from your search There are situations when the animals which have been missing since a few months have been returned to the rightful owner after so many hurdles and long distances. So try until you succeed. A pet has a reasonable chance of returning so never give up. You can also put a collar chain or ID card around its neck so that anyone who finds it can return it back to you safely. Extend the parameter of your attempts and search but do not give up at any cost. Most importantly, do not lose hope as your friend will return home to you some day maybe.


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