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Dog Breeds Name Starting with ‘F’

Breed Name
Field Spaniel
Field Spaniel known for Goog Family Dogs.These Dog Breeds are Docile and independent.These Dog Breeds are patient with children and likely to stay close to their family.
smaller Medium Sized Dog
Flat-Coated Retriever
United Kingdom
These Dog breeds are active,confident and good family dogs.These dog breeds love children.These Dog breeds require more exercise.
Flat coated RetrieverLarge Sized
French Bull Dog
France, England
French Bull Dog are good companion Dogs.These Dog Breeds needs minimum exercise.Loved to play in water.These Dog Breeds preffered to lives in indoors.
French Bull DogSmall Sized
Finnish Lapphund
France & Canada
Finnish Lapphund are active and intelligent dog breed.These Dog breeds are alert and known for watchful Dogs.Finnish Lapphunds can have excellent recall and obedience skills.
Finnish LapphundMedium Sized
French Spaniel
France and Canada
These are friendly Dogs, and they can be trained Easily due to their high intelligence. Originally, they were hunting dogs.
French SpanielLarge Sized Dog
Finnish Spitz
These Dog Breeds are alert,activeand intelligent Gogs.Finnish Spitz Needs an exercise.These Dog Breeds interact with people and children.These Dog breeds should be trained with positive Methods.
finnishMedium Sized
Fila Brasilerio
Fila Brasilerio are Naturally Protective.These Dog Breeds needs an early Socialisation.Very much protective for his master.
Fila BrasilerioLarge Sized Dog
Fox Terrier
United Kingdom
Fox Terrier is a short with hard coated Body.Mainly Fox Terrier are of Two Types: Smooth Fox Terrier and White Fox Terrier.These Dog Breeds are Cleverly works for hunting.
Wire-Fox-TerrierSmall sized Dog
Farm Collie
Farm Collie is a Hearding Dog.Very much family dogs and good Companion Dogs.Need More Grooming in Summer Season.
Farm CollieMedium Sized
United Kingdom
Foodle Dogs is a Mixed breed of Toy Fox Terrier and a poodle.These dog breeds are smaller in size with long ears.These dog breeds are active and loyal to his family
Foodle DogSmall sized Dog


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