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Dog Pictures

Donald Trump v/s Dogs in “Who wore it Better”

Donal Trump the  US Presidential Candidate’s hair do is all over internet kick started by a 3 year old Boxer, Spud taking part in a contest that was put together recently by Banana Moon Clothing, an online retail firm..

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Nepal Awards Man’s Best Friend With Kukur Tihar | Diwali for Dogs

In a wonderful tale of merger between animals and the festival of lights. Nepal celebrates various animals across the five days of Diwali, locally known as Tihar. The autumn festival is often associated with the triumph of good over..

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15 Animal Fundamental Rights that all Indians should respect.

4th of October reckoned as World Animal Day is celebrated globally to recognize animal rights and spread awareness about animal welfare. The aim is to make the world a better and tolerant place for animals. This mission lays..

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Is my dog’s wet nose a cause of concern?

It is perfectly normal and healthy for dogs to have wet noses, it is the dry ones you should be worried about. The mucous secretion around dogs nose makes it wet to enhance the smelling power in canines,..

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How to correctly bathe your dog at home?

Bathing your feisty dog can be an uphill task, especially each time it puts up a fight resisting the event. Also did you know that there are certain steps that need to be observed to offer the right..

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Marathon Runner adopts dog that followed him for over 100 miles | Gobi March 2016

    In a unique case, a little stray dog made an appearance alongside the 101 runners competing to cruise successfully through the six stages of a week long 155 mile exhausting race/ultra marathon; The Gobi March 2016...

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Seven Ways to Immortalize your Pets.

The harsh reality that accompanies each pet is their short lives. Each of us have or will be confronted by this grim situation where you need to cope with the loss of a long cherished companion. Sometimes it..

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Paris Hilton Dogs live in a Dog House worth Rs.2 Crore and strictly wear PAWDA.

Well, who said ‘it’s a dog’s life’? You might just want to rephrase this adage after a dekko at the plush mansion specially designed for Paris Hilton’s canine entourage. The heiress’s pets’ not so humble abode in all..

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Can Dogs wear shoes? WOOF they can.

Summers can be fun for your dogs you make the right preparations well in advance. One of these without doubt has to be the introduction of dog shoes and boots into your pet’s world, however there may be swanky..

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Palm Dog Awards @Cannes celebrates the Canine Intelligence|Famous Dogs

The Prestigious Palm Dog Award at Cannes The tradition of conferring honor and appreciation upon the canine artistes began at the Cannes film festival in the year 2001. The Palm dog award (a tradition organized/initiated by Toby Rose)..

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