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5 Things To Know Before Getting A Dog

Adulthood comes with its fair share of liberties and one of them is allowing oneself to be surrounded by pets. Before you allow yourself to revel in dog ownership, it’s important to be certain if one is ready to commit towards this long term association. Listed below are some pointers that’ll help you in ascertaining whether you are absolutely ready to befriend and bring home man’s most loyal companion.

1) Dog ownership is a big responsibility, are you ready for it?

It’s essential your dog gets enough exercise every day. Apart from walking it three times daily, you’ll have to devote time towards house-training it. Then it needs to be served healthy meals, during puppy hood the pooch needs to be given food four times a day and an adult canine must be fed twice daily. Regular grooming of the pet will require your time & patience as well. In case you do not have enough time to cater to each of these basic requirements or do not have a helping hand to share these duties with, then its best to drop the idea of having a pup around no matter how sad it makes you feel.

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2) Consider the affordability factor:

You will certainly have to loosen your purse strings when a cute little feisty four legged baby enters your life. So before you adopt one, try working out the financial expense towards raising a healthy and well rounded pooch. You will have to foot the veterinarian bills, purchase good quality dog food and also you may want to hire a dog walker or a professional trainer. You can speak to a vet to find out costs involved in administering vaccines, routine check-ups, de-worming and neutering, etc. A sudden illness will mean you will have to spend additional money on proper care & medication in order to treat the pet. It’s best to beforehand figure out if you can comfortably manage all of this extra expenditure. You will also want to invest in healthy treats and amusing dog toys to constructively engage the pet.

3) Choose a breed type that matches your lifestyle:

Do not be fixated on a certain breed. Be open to change your preference to suit your lifestyle, your home and other members in the family. Research and study the breed’s temperament before you adopt a particular dog. You can also get in touch with families who already own the breed you want to get home. Some dogs aren’t comfortable around children and may bite on the slightest provocation. You may realize a laid-back breed will be more suitable for you instead of an energetic one.

4) Puppy Proof your home:

Build a safe environment for the pup before it arrives. Look out for items that pose potential danger to the new member and remove them. Replace toxic indoor plants with non-toxic varieties. Human medicines and cleaning supplies must be stored in cabinets that the dog cannot reach. Prevent your pup from chewing on electrical cords by concealing them in PVC pipes or cable wraps. Cords must not hang loosely. Chewing on them may cause electrocution or burn the pooch’s mouth. Jewellery items, clothing and other small objects like coins, pins, rubber bands, needles, thread, etc must be kept out of your puppy’s reach, as swallowing any of this can be fatal. A young dog is more tempted to chew and explore its surroundings. Certain human foods can be very damaging to the dog and cause death. Foods like chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco products and edibles with a high fat, sugar or salt content must be stacked away in such a way that the canine cannot reach them. These foods and products contain components that are very dangerous for the pet. Instead keep dog treats and chews at hand’s distance for your puppy to snack.

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5) Fix a secure and quiet corner for the new family member:

A puppy will take some time to adjust to its new home and might even cry during night time initially. You may want to comfort the pup by bringing it onto your bed by your side. But the best way to help the puppy adjust is to choose a peaceful spot for it before you bring it home. Place a comfy bed at this spot so that the little fellow can cosy up and lay peacefully at night. Wannabe dog owners might want to place a kennel in the chosen corner. It’s important to assign a corner of some room to be your dog’s permanent spot where it can relax and feel safe.

A responsible pet parent is one who is well prepared to handle the duties that come with owning a dog. The idea is to create the best scenario where the dog can bloom happily and healthily and you can enjoy its unconditional love and support till the very end. Abandoning the dog is not an option. No pet must ever end up in a shelter or on the streets just because an unwise & reckless person could not cope up with the responsibilities.


With over 15 years of experience in dealing with pets, the PetsWorld Team is now a constant guide for thousands of pet owners in India. Their passion for improving the lives of pets can be seen in their featured blog posts dedicated to pet care.

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