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Kuvasz Dog Info with Cute Pictures

Kuvasz Dog is one of the good options for those who are looking for a large, white flock-guarding dog. His almond shaped eyes and dense white fur mesmerize every pet lover. Whether it is watching over the livestock or watching over your kids, Kuvasz Dog performs all guarding tasks perfectly.



General Information:

Breed Name Kuvasz Dog
Origin Hungary
Other Names Hungarian Kuvasz
Lifespan 10-12 years
Breed Group Working
Size Type Small dog breeds
Breed Type Companion
Height 28-30 inches (70-76 cms)
Weight 70-115 Pounds (32-52 kg)
Temperament Protective, Loyal, Clownish, Patient, Intelligent, Independent
Coat Color White
Coat Characteristics Ranges from straight to wavy
What to Feed Recommended daily amount is 2.75 to 3.75 cups of a high-quality dog food daily, divided into two meals.
Litter size     6-8 puppies
Training Needs Easy to train,Intelligence,Potential for Mouthiness,Prey Drive
Living condition  It is fairly active indoors, Do not leave this dog alone. It especially enjoys cold weather and can live outdoors in temperate to cold climates as long as it has a doghouse and fresh water, but will do best if allowed access to both the house and yard.
Exercise need 0-30 minutes per day
Grooming Needs Several times a week
Club Recognition
  • AKC Classification: Working
  • UKC Classification: Guardian Dog
Highlights of this Breed Live indoor with human family,Require plenty of Exercise,Regular Brushing
Bred For Companion Dog
Similar Dogs Tibetan Mastiff,Akita,Leonberger,Bernese Mountain Dog ,Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Star Rating:

Characteristics Stars (based on 5) Characteristic Stars (based on 5)
Adaptability To Environment star star star Health Related Issues star star star star
Affection Level star star star Intelligence & Train-ability star star star
Apartment Friendly star Playfulness star star star
Tendency to Bark star star star star Level of Shedding star star star star star
Cat Friendly star star star Social Needs star star star
Kids Friendly star star star Stranger Friendly star star
Pet Friendly star star Territorial Aggression star star star star star
Need of Exercise star star star