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Plott Hound

Plott hound

Breed Name: Plott Hound

Plott Hound dogs are hunter dogs. They named after Jonathan Plott, who bred Plott hound for the first from Bloodhounds and Curs. They love to wander and not recommended for apartments life. They are considered as very alert breed dogs.

Nicknames: Plott, Plotthund

Origin: Germany, United States of America

Ancient Use: Hunting Boar

Type: Medium-sized dog

Built: Muscular built

Appearance: They are found in yellow brindle, red brindle, tan brindle, brown brindle and black brindle shades. They have smooth and glossy appearance. Their eyes are brown or hazel with black nose and lips.

Temperament: Loyal, intelligent and alert

Height: Males 20 to 25 inches, Females 20 to 23 inches

Weight: 40 to 75 pounds

Average Life: About 12 to 14 years

Species: Hound

Barking Status: Barkers (specially after scenting prey)

Family Dog: They are not good family dogs as they have tendency to wander.

Preferable Temperature: Mild weather

Active Breed: Yes

Member of: AKC

Socialization Status: Yes

Health Status: Plott Hound Dogs are generally healthy, but like all breeds they are prone to Gastric Torsion (Bloat).

What to Feed:

Recommended daily amount: 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.

How to Care:

  • Needs at least an hour a day of walking or other exercise
  • Needs weekly brushing
  • Needs Comb and brush occasionally to remove the dead hair
  • Scent hounds like Plott can have musty odor, therefore, regular bath can help to keep this musty aroma under control.

Plott hound puppies


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