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Some Amazing Facts About Jack Russell Terrier Dog

Jack Russell Terrier was developed two hundred years ago in England for hunting the foxes. It is also called “The Parson Russell Terrier”. It is a clever, independent and lively little dog. It is not only affectionate and charming, but is very easy to manage and train. But it is recommended for the experienced dog masters only.

Undoubtedly, A Jack Russell Terrier dog will not only fill your life with laughter and love, only if you provide it with the proper supervision, training, structure and attention essentially demanded by it. Here are some of the facts that you might not be aware of regarding Jack Russell Terrier dogs. Consider these facts about Jack Russell Terrier dog to check whether it is the right breed for you or not-

1. Although they come from a common ancestry but, Jack Russell Terrier dogs were originally 3 different breeds. They were ferocious, wild and confident and were bred to hunt the foxes.

2. John Russell, a priest from England, loved to hunt foxes and was always in search of a terrier who could accompany him during his expeditions. In 1819, he finally met a British white terrier, exactly the one he was looking for. With the help of this breed, Russell created the hunting companion- a perfect Jack Russell terrier.

3. These dogs are born to dig. Like other terriers, they absolutely love digging and make large number of holes in a very short time. It is easier to train a jack terrier to dig a particular area than to completely make him rid of the digging habit.

4. A Jack is firm, wild and demands a consistent training. It might turn out to be a challenging dog for an experienced dog owner. So, a first time and a timid dog owner should check before purchasing a Jack terrier.

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5. Jacks are not at all appropriate for an apartment life or small houses. They are recreational barkers, wild and independent. They perform poorly if bound in the enclosed spaces especially that of an apartment. When outdoors, they are driven to work, energetic, hyper active and perform at their best. They possess very high energy levels and are excellent jogging companions. They should never be trusted when unleash as they are very strong at their prey. Preferably, they should be kept in a fenced area. They love running and jumping, so they require a lot of space to move around.

6. They hardly mix up with the cats. If you own a cat and you keep it indoors and you plan to keep your dog outdoors, then the idea might turn out to be fruitful. Otherwise it is completely a bad idea to keep both the cat and the Jack Russell Terrier dog inside the house.

7. It is essential to train these dogs from the time they are bought as puppies in the house. The essential training which will be given to this breed since the very beginning will empower the dogs to maintain harmony and peace with the humans.

8. Some of the dog owners have confirmed that this breed loves playing goalie and will even throw the ball back.

9. Jack Russell Terrier is available in 3 types of waterproof coats- broken, rough or smooth coat type. The coat types can be differentiated by the length of the coat as well as the presence or absence of long hair. Smooth coat dogs have short hair, rough coat dogs have long hair and the broken coats ones are a mixture of both.

10. This breed of dogs is ideal for the various competitions on the Animal Planet and ESPN as they are wonderfully agile and fast.

11. “Shorty Jack”, a type of Russell Terrier, who resembles a Dachshund and is ten to twelve inches tall but longer than being tall.

12. Usually, Jack Russell Terrier presumes that it is a human species and will behave accordingly. If it is not trained properly at an early age, it is bound to behave like a human.

13. A jack terrier experiences separation anxiety very quickly. So turn on the radio for your Russell terrier, while next time you leave the house.

14. Jacks are very jumpy and bouncy. They are capable of jumping more than five feet high.

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15. Grab a sunscreen for your Jack Russell. Just because it is a dog that does not mean that it is not exposed to the harmful sun radiations. In fact, the light coloured coats of these dogs should be protected with the help of a sunscreen.

16. Bothy, a Jack Russell Terrier, is the first dog breed to experience both the north as well as south poles travelling along with its owners. The dog had so many experiences which a small dog could not even dream of.




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