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Top Kid friendly dog breeds that are easily available in India

Families with children often fret over which dog breed to adopt in India. The major concern is which dog can gel well with kids and their associated antics. The unpredictable crying, yelling and sprinting of children around the house can be stressful for any dog breed. Canines have sharp set of teeth and can bite into on any provocation. Yet with a little training and supervision by the adults, some breeds excel wonderfully as people/kid friendly dogs. Very young & immature children should never be left unattended around any breed of dog.

Remember the 3 S’s while adopting a dogSize, Spirit and Sensibility. All of this should suit your entire family’s daily life. However a small & subtle looking dog like Chihuahua isn’t all that friendly due to its snappy temperament on the other hand bull terriers & boxers are considered among some of the best dogs for kids. Read through the below mentioned generalized list of some dog breeds for more information on the topic.


1. Pug: Pugs are excellent family dogs, which were bred for the sole purpose of providing companionship to humans. How to make sure you chose a pup that will grow up to exhibit a nice temperament? One way to do this is by meeting the mother of the puppy and if possible its siblings. Choose a pup that seems to be filled with playfulness and a zest to explore. Another factor that influences temperament is to introduce the little four legged fellow early on to different people, noises and opportunities to explore. Acquaint your pug to guests who regularly visit the house. Also walking it in the neighborhood or parks will enable it to mix socially with others. Lastly we cannot rule out the benefits of timely training the doggy using effective dog training techniques.


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2. Golden retriever: One of the best qualities of the golden retriever is its exemplary patience & zero aggression that make it a perfect dog breed for kids. Introduction to training as well as socialization received early on will enhance the young one’s personality, hence developing it into an ideal family dog.


3. British Bulldog: Bulldogs find a place in the list owing to their submissive & obedient nature, love for kids, and friendly disposition. It is not just a people friendly breed but at the same time gets along well with almost any kind of pet. Its easy going way of life makes it an unassuming companion, who will adjust well even in a small sized apartment. A strong build will do much of the talking and is enough to ward off bad elements as this breed is not the barking types. Overall conduct of a bull dog like most breeds will depend upon inheritance & genes, a good training regimen and socialization early on in life helps a great deal in enhancing social skills and a playful attitude amid fellow beings including humans.

4. Beagle: If for you naughtiness is a synonym for cute then you will adore this mischievous breed. This dog is a happy go lucky companion for humans of all age groups. Traditionally beagles were bred to follow the scent of game animals such as hare and that explains their fascination with following different kinds of alluring scents. An obstinate beagle may demand a lot of patience from its owner during training sessions. Therefore constantly rewarding it with tasty dog treats may help reinforce obedient behavior easily.


5. Poodle: One of the best dog breeds for kids suffering with an allergy as they hardly shed hair. This breed loves to play with children and displays immense patience and a caring nature. Poodles are said to be gifted with intelligence & cleverness of a special kind that is comparable to that found in humans. They are fast learners and easy to train. Being protective they are quick to alert its human family with a bark at every sight of a stranger. Poodles are often spotted with impressive and innovative haircuts regally marching down red carpets in best of the dog shows.


These breeds offer dog parents a better position to pick a suitable pet that fits well in their family. It is important to know that a pleasing temperament in a dog is not only dependent upon heredity and breed but also the efforts on part of the pet parent gone into training and acquainting the puppy to new experiences and people.

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