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CATs v/s DOGs: Why man’s best friend will love you more than house cats?

Can dogs love us more than cats? Bonding and companionship can change a human life drastically, making one fight all odds and getting back on track called happy living. The lack of togetherness and affection can particularly create disinterest in life. Thanks to DR. Paul Zak’s recent research we are better equipped to understand that dogs love their human family definitely more than what cats are genetically capable of.


Oxytocin –Deciphering the love hormone

Oxytocin: a common thread that binds humans and dogs. Dogs are capable of loving their foster parents since they too release Oxytocin just like their human relatives. Neurologist Dr. Paul Zak conducted a series of small-scale researches to confirm the release of the said hormone in humans and dogs alike upon an amiable interaction between the two species. Dr. Paul Zak elaborated that Oxytocin is a chemical tool to assess love in mammals often associated with feelings of concern, consideration and care. He added that it is produced in our brains upon interaction with one’s spouse, children and dear ones, often the levels rising up to 60% in our bloodstream.

Insight into the love hormone

Dr. Paul Zak’s study entailed a research on the levels of Oxytocin in cats and dogs after a period of play and healthy interaction with their masters. The neurologist took samples of saliva from 10 pooches and 10 cats, 10 minutes before play date with the master and directly after the session. Both the (before & after) samples were tested for love hormone- Oxytocin.


Findings revealed an interesting rise of about 57.2percent in dogs and a rather low level of change in cats equating to only a 12percent rise after recreation/bonding time.

Hence proved, Dogs love humans more than felines. A rise of 57.2 percent of Oxytocin in dogs is a powerful reciprocation to human love. They are capable of effectively bestowing unconditional love upon their human parents.

This is not the only benefit enjoyed by a dog parent, though it is a huge one by all means. To know more of the advantages, continue reading below.

Owning a dog increases your chances of befriending new people.When, you walk a dog in the neighborhood chances of social interaction increase manifold. A survey was conducted on 23 elderly pooch owners only to strengthen this assertion. Sadly cat owners do not experience this privilege. Walking around with a cat on leash is perhaps a big Utopian ideal. Another benefit of walking a dog is the physical exercise and stimulation enjoyed by the owner.


Dogs can help save human life. Gifted with an advanced sense of smell, the researchers at Pennsylvania University have been working towards training German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers to sniff and detect ovarian cancer. Also dogs have another inherent ability called intuition. According to National Geographic a `seizure alert dog’ can caution the patient/victim 12 to 15 hours prior to the attack by pawing, nudging, low crying sounds and barking.

Has anyone heard about cat soldiers? Surely the answer would be a big no because there are none. But dog squads are very common all over the world. Our very own Indian Army canine heroes can detect explosives & mines, combating militants and carry out rescue & search missions.

Tech Savvy dogs : the new norm. A company in London that goes by the name of – City Dog provides training sessions to canines to master the art of clicking photos of itself driven by a swipe of the nose over the touch screen.

Owning a dog equates to additional health benefits. A study carried on mice helped in providing strong facts about the role of dogs in preventing Asthma and Allergies in humans. The microbes in Dog dust affect immune cells in the air passage thereby increasing immunity to substances causing allergies.

Dog a loyal companion is a great solution to loneliness. Older people after retirement might lose a sense of purpose. Bringing home a pooch would bring with it added responsibility of caring for a new life.

Hence we can rightly say that DOGS equal to large Dose of Oxytocin Guaranteed and much more.


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